'Wembley' music video released

'Wembley' available on all digital platforms


After years as a guitarist and songwriter, Kieron Michael Heavens has stepped into the light and is laying himself bare for all to see, carving out a sonic landscape that encourages connection, empowerment and inspiration - and loving every minute of it!

Growing up, Kieron was no stranger to feeling alienated from the world around him. As an escape, he turned to music in pursuit of self-expression that could somehow channel the emotions he found impossible to translate otherwise. Suddenly, he could speak – music became his superpower and the rest became history. This ethos is still firmly embedded in Kieron’s songwriting today - his music is a therapy, a way of connecting and most importantly, a way of expressing feelings you may well share.

Kieron has found his sound at the intersection of indie, rock and pop, with influences drawn from all corners of the musical spectrum - from Frank Turner to Hans Zimmer, Black Stone Cherry to Dua Lipa and pretty much anything else that takes his fancy. Pivoting around themes of positivity, Kieron yearns to ask questions, to seek answers and to share with you what he finds, in the hope you’ve been looking too.

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My best impression of a catalogue model 😀 HAVE A GREAT SATURDAY ALL!

Big love
Here’s me leaning on a pole. That is all. 

(Have I completed Instagram yet?)
Me having to keep quiet about my next single release as I’ve only just released ‘Wembley’! I guess I could say ‘July 20th’ really quietly…

But don’t pay attention to that! Go watch and stream Wembley in the link in my bio instead - every watch and stream makes me do a little dance. In fact, post a pic of you watching or streaming and I’ll do a little dance vid just for you…

Big love
ITS OUT! The official music video for ‘Wembley’ is live - head to link in my bio or type linktr.ee/kmhmusic into your browser!

‘Official music video’ is a very, well, official term isn’t it? A more realistic name would be the ‘me having a great time with my mate @jonny_hockeystix making a super fun music video’ video.

Whatever you want to call it, go watch it, leave me a comment, like and subscribe on YouTube so you see all my vids! 

Most of all…. enjoy!

Big love
some behind the scenes shots of my wembley video shoot with my main man @jonny_hockeystix!

full video coming at you 7pm tonight!
Over 300 views on the Wembley Lyric Video - you guys are so awesome! Makes me feel all tingly…

Problem is, I’m about to mess with these stats by dropping a brand new full music video for Wembley next week! More deets and a tease coming tomorrowwwwww 

Big love
Tonight I have been wearing my video editor hat...

Something is coming!
Great session with the legend that is @jonny_hockeystix shooting some footage foe an upcoming release!

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